Real Aussie mobile numbers in an app


Stop using personal numbers for work

Whether it's just you or you and a team, everyone using their own numbers for work stuff creates problems for business continuity, security and the "right to disconnect".

Stop supplying expensive phones for staff

Stop supplying expensive phones to staff members

With BenkoPhone, you can easily supply fully functional work numbers to your staff that they can use from an app on their own phone, computer or tablet. Retain control, improve security and reduce costs.

Stop supplying expensive phones for staff

Use and share real Aussie mobile numbers from any device anywhere in the world

BenkoPhone allows you and your staff to share real Aussie mobile numbers from desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Each team member can access multiple numbers for 2-way messaging and calls, and each number can be managed by multiple staff members.


Truly unified communications on-site, remote or hybrid

BenkoPhone is not just for external communications. We provide a truly unified communications experience. Staff can communicate internally with one-on-one or group messaging, as well as voice and video calls.


Real numbers mean real functionality

Not only do other virtual numbers not support voice, txt and picture messaging but they also don't work for OTT messaging apps like WhatsApp or Signal, and can't be used for two-factor authentication. BenkoPhone changes all that. Our numbers can be used anywhere for any reason.


Fully featured Cloud PBX for all of your phone system requirements

Call queues, ring groups, voicemail to email, transcription, IVR menus, 1300/1800 numbers, landlines and more. Whatever you need to do with your phone system, we can do it. BenkoPhone is a one stop shop for all your telecommunications needs.


BenkoPhone customers love the product!

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