Choosing between a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and supplying company-issued mobile devices is a complex decision that companies across Australia often face. Both options come with distinct benefits and challenges. This comparative analysis aims to break down the key factors that organisations should consider, including the often-overlooked aspect of asset management costs.

The Cost Factor


A BYOD policy initially appears cost-effective because the company saves on hardware acquisition. However, this perceived financial benefit can be deceptive. While upfront costs are low, additional expenditures for software licensing, security measures, and administrative oversight can pile up.

Company-Provided Devices

In contrast, supplying employees with company-provided devices entails a higher upfront investment. Despite bulk purchase discounts, these costs can be significant. What many companies underestimate is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The TCO includes not just the device itself but also the salary of asset management staff required to track, secure, and maintain these corporate assets.

Control and Compliance


BYOD provides flexibility but introduces security risks due to the lack of uniformity in device capabilities and settings. Monitoring these devices for compliance with company security protocols becomes a complex task.

Company-Provided Devices

When a company provides the devices, standardising security protocols is easier, offering better control and compliance—especially crucial for industries dealing with sensitive or regulated information.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity


BYOD tends to score higher on the employee satisfaction scale since individuals prefer using devices they are familiar with. This comfort level can enhance productivity but may also lead to work-life balance issues.

Company-Provided Devices

On the other hand, company-provided devices help maintain a separation between work and personal life but might come with a learning curve if employees are not familiar with the chosen hardware or software.

The BenkoPhone Solution

The unique features of BenkoPhone make it a highly versatile solution irrespective of whether a company chooses BYOD or company-provided devices. Its virtual mobile number functionality works seamlessly across various devices and allows for voice calls, text messages, and picture messages. It’s a particularly beneficial option for roles that require a dedicated work mobile that supports pictures, like tradespeople, property managers, and field sales staff.


The decision between BYOD and company-provided devices is multifaceted, involving cost considerations, control issues, and the potential impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. It’s crucial to account for hidden costs like asset management when calculating the TCO. Regardless of your choice, BenkoPhone offers a comprehensive communication solution that can adapt to your specific needs. Experience the BenkoPhone advantage and try it out for free now!