Navigating the logistical maze of sharing a phone number within a team often leaves businesses grappling with inflexible landlines, mobile numbers that lack text functionality, or hacky solutions like shared messaging accounts that are desktop-only and unreliable. BenkoPhone revolutionises this landscape, offering a single virtual mobile number with full voice, text, and picture messaging capabilities accessible from both computers and mobile devices.

Multi-User Sharing Without Compromises

Unlike traditional methods that restrict you to limited features and clunky workarounds, BenkoPhone offers a seamless experience for multiple users. Team members can access the shared virtual number from various devices, including tablets and smartphones, making it perfect for those always on the go, such as field technicians and sales teams.

No need to compromise on functionality; BenkoPhone supports voice calls, texts, and picture messages. It’s a solution designed for the modern, mobile workforce that demands comprehensive communication tools without the fuss.

What About Sharing with My Customers?

Switching business numbers can disrupt your customer relationships. One elegant way to avoid this is to port your existing “everything number” into BenkoPhone. Secure a new personal number for your SIM card and share it with your inner circle.

As calls or messages land on your old number (now hosted by BenkoPhone), this transition phase becomes a unique chance to update your network. Evaluate each contact and guide them to your new personal or business line as appropriate.

Call and Message Management

BenkoPhone doesn’t just make sharing easy; it makes management intuitive. With advanced hosted PBX features, you have full control over how calls and texts are routed. Define responsibilities within your team, ensuring that messages reach the right person for the job without any miscommunication.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

Beyond its superior functionality, BenkoPhone meets Australian compliance standards. In a world demanding greater transparency, this added layer of regulatory compliance can provide peace of mind for your business.

Embrace the Future of Team Communications

The days of limiting your business to inadequate phone-sharing options are over. With BenkoPhone, you retain all the communication functionalities you need while eliminating the constraints of traditional methods. Ready for an upgrade? Discover how BenkoPhone can revolutionise your team’s communication today.