Mobile phones have become indispensable tools for modern businesses, especially for staff who are on the move. Yet, as much as they contribute to productivity, they can also be a financial drain if not managed properly. In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies for keeping staff mobile phone expenses in check, and how solutions like BenkoPhone can simplify this challenge.

Establishing a Comprehensive Mobile Policy

Creating a robust mobile policy is the cornerstone of managing staff phone expenses. Clearly outline the do’s and don’ts for mobile usage, especially when it comes to international calls or data roaming. Make it explicit what types of usage are considered work-related and thus, can be expensed.

A comprehensive policy also establishes controls for who has the authority to upgrade devices or plans. This prevents situations where staff independently upgrade to premium plans without business justification, increasing expenses unnecessarily.

Inventory and Needs Assessment

Regularly reviewing the inventory of mobile devices and plans can reveal potential areas for cost-saving. Assess the specific needs of different staff roles; not everyone needs an unlimited data plan or extensive call minutes. Customise plans according to the needs of the job role, and adjust as responsibilities change.

By actively managing the inventory, you also eliminate ‘orphaned’ devices—mobile phones that are still on the company’s billing but are not in active use. This alone can save a significant amount in monthly costs.

The BenkoPhone Advantage

Opting for a service like BenkoPhone can alleviate many common pain points related to staff mobile phone expenses. BenkoPhone allows for a shared virtual number that supports voice calls, text, and picture messaging. Team members can use it from various devices, making it particularly cost-efficient.

More importantly, BenkoPhone provides advanced hosted PBX features along with complete control and access to call and message history. This means you’re not only saving on hardware but also getting high-level functionalities that otherwise would require an expensive traditional PBX system.

Monitoring and Regular Audits

Implementing the right tools and procedures for monitoring can prove invaluable for cost management. Regular audits can identify any abuse or inefficiencies in real-time, allowing for timely corrective action. Automated alerts for usage spikes or suspicious activities can be extremely useful.

Consider integrating a reporting system that provides insights into mobile usage patterns. This can help refine the mobile policy and contribute to more effective budget allocation.

The Next Step

If you’re grappling with escalating staff mobile phone expenses, it may be time to consider a more sophisticated strategy. Incorporating a comprehensive mobile policy, performing regular needs assessments, and adopting a service like BenkoPhone can provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution. Take control of your mobile expenses; explore what BenkoPhone has to offer today.