In the business world, having a separate phone number for work-related matters is almost a necessity. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, the advantages of having a dedicated business number are numerous. Let’s take an in-depth look at the options available for getting a second business phone number, and how a service like BenkoPhone stands apart in this regard.

Traditional Landline Services

For years, businesses relied on traditional landline services to manage their communications. A separate line provides a level of professionalism and enables you to delineate between work and personal calls. However, landline services come with their own set of drawbacks such as high setup and monthly maintenance costs.

The rigidity of being tied to a specific location and the lack of features like call forwarding or easy messaging also make traditional landlines less desirable for businesses that require mobility and flexibility.

Virtual Phone Number Providers

Virtual phone numbers have emerged as a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to landlines. These numbers are cloud-based and can be accessed from any device, offering the convenience of being location-independent. Services like BenkoPhone allow you to use your virtual number from both a computer and mobile devices, thus providing maximum flexibility.

Notably, BenkoPhone is the only virtual mobile app in Australia that supports voice calls, text messages, and picture messages. It provides businesses with advanced hosted PBX features and full control over call and message history.

Dual SIM Phones

Using a smartphone with dual SIM capabilities is another option. This allows you to have two separate phone numbers on a single device. However, this method restricts you to using your mobile phone for all business-related activities and offers limited customisation and control over your communication channels.

Additionally, using dual SIM phones means you lose out on the PBX features and the ease of sharing a business number with your team, both of which are available with a solution like BenkoPhone.

App-Based Services

Certain apps allow you to add a second number to your existing mobile phone. While this is a straightforward way to separate business from personal calls, these services often lack the robust features that businesses might need. Issues like poor call quality, unreliable service, and limited functionality can be a concern.

BenkoPhone, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive, stable solution that offers more than just a second number. You gain features that are specifically tailored to business needs, making it a compelling option for those looking to add a second business number.

Making an Informed Choice

When considering a second phone number for your business, weigh your options carefully. Evaluate the cost, flexibility, and features that each option offers. For Australian businesses looking for a versatile and robust solution, BenkoPhone comes out as a strong contender. Whether it’s the ease of sharing a number among team members or the advanced features it provides, BenkoPhone is designed to meet the specific needs of the Australian business landscape.

Make the smart choice today and enhance your business communication strategy with BenkoPhone.