In an era where work-life balance is more important than ever, juggling multiple phones for personal and business use can be a cumbersome chore. The need for a separate business number without the hassle of carrying around two devices is increasingly important. In this article, we’ll explore how you can set up a second business number on one mobile device and why BenkoPhone, a versatile virtual mobile app in Australia, may be your best bet for doing so.

The Traditional Dilemma: Two Phones, One Person

Most people, especially business owners and freelancers, can attest to the inconvenience of carrying two phones. One device usually serves personal needs, while the other is strictly for business. However, having two phones can be problematic; it’s cumbersome, increases chances of loss or damage, and not to mention, drains your pocket with extra costs.

Furthermore, managing two sets of hardware and apps can lead to inefficiencies, and switching between the devices throughout the day can be more of a headache than a help. Also, when travelling or commuting, having a second phone can be especially inconvenient.

Using Dual SIM Cards: A Partial Solution

Many modern smartphones offer dual SIM card functionality. This seems like an immediate solution to the issue: two numbers on a single device. However, this approach has its drawbacks. Firstly, not all devices support dual SIMs, limiting your choice of hardware. Secondly, the dual SIM setup usually falls short when it comes to features like separate call logs, message histories, and distinct notification settings.

The bigger issue lies in the lack of team-sharing features and limited control that companies have over the second number. This is especially concerning for businesses where monitoring and managing communications are crucial.

Virtual Mobile Apps: The All-In-One Solution

This is where BenkoPhone comes into play. Unlike dual SIM cards or having two separate phones, BenkoPhone is a virtual mobile app that allows you to have a second number on your existing device. You can make voice calls, send text and picture messages, and even share the number with your team.

Companies can maintain full control of call and message history, ensuring that they don’t lose access to crucial data. BenkoPhone also offers advanced hosted PBX features that you’d miss out on with conventional dual SIM setups. It’s an ideal choice for Tradies, property managers, field technicians, and field sales staff who need a work mobile that supports pictures.

Your Next Step

The beauty of using a virtual mobile app like BenkoPhone is the seamless integration it offers. Not only can you manage both personal and business communications on one device, but you also have an advanced yet easy-to-use system at your fingertips.

So if you’re tired of the juggling act and want a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for managing a second business number, consider BenkoPhone. It’s time to declutter your life without sacrificing your communication needs.