The Australian real estate sector is a fast-paced, client-centric industry. Communication with clients, agents, and contractors is vital, and that’s why a reliable phone system is indispensable. But have you considered using a virtual mobile app for your real estate business? Here’s how BenkoPhone, the only virtual mobile app in Australia that supports voice calls, txt messages, and MMS, can elevate your communication game.

Tailoring Communication to Client Needs

In real estate, you can’t afford missed calls or lost messages. Clients require immediate responses, whether it’s about a new listing or the status of their property deal. BenkoPhone’s robust system allows for instant voice calls and txt messages, making sure you’re always reachable. What sets it apart is its unique MMS feature. Imagine sending a picture of a new property instantly to a prospective client; this feature makes it possible.

The Benefit of Hosted PBX Features

Managing multiple properties and agents can be a logistic nightmare. With BenkoPhone, you get advanced hosted PBX features that simplify call routing, voicemail, and even call recording. Having a centralised communication system provides an edge, especially when you have field agents running property inspections or client meetings. It’s an all-in-one solution that offers a seamless experience for both your team and your clients.

Security and Compliance

When you’re dealing with sensitive information like property contracts or client data, security is paramount. BenkoPhone ensures that companies have full control over and access to call and message history. This not only helps in keeping a record for compliance but also provides peace of mind that your confidential data is secure.

Work Flexibility and Collaboration

BenkoPhone isn’t just another mobile app; it’s a versatile communication tool that you can use from computers or mobile devices. Your team, whether they’re in the office or out in the field, can have real-time access to important calls and messages. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for real estate agents who are often on the move, enabling seamless communication without the need for multiple devices.

BenkoPhone is the comprehensive solution that meets the unique communication needs of the real estate industry in Australia. Visit BenkoPhone today to elevate your real estate business to new heights.