The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model has gained traction in Australian workplaces, offering a blend of flexibility and personalisation in the work environment. However, like any work model, it comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of BYOD work models, supplemented with real-world case studies, and how BenkoPhone, a virtual mobile app, fits into this landscape.

Understanding BYOD

BYOD allows employees to use their personal devices for work purposes. This approach can lead to increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs for the company.

Pros of BYOD

– Cost Savings: Companies save on hardware as employees use their devices.

– Employee Satisfaction: Using familiar devices can boost productivity and job satisfaction.

– Flexibility: Employees enjoy flexibility, working from anywhere on any device.

Cons of BYOD

– Security Risks: Personal devices may not have the same security protocols as company-issued devices.

– Inconsistencies: Different devices and operating systems can lead to compatibility issues.

– Management Challenges: Monitoring and managing a variety of personal devices can be complex.

BenkoPhone: Enhancing BYOD

BenkoPhone offers a unique solution to the challenges of BYOD. It’s a virtual mobile app that supports voice calls, txt messages, and MMS/picture messages.

Features Beneficial for BYOD

– Control and Security: BenkoPhone allows companies to maintain control over business communications while employees use their personal devices.

– Unified Communication: Regardless of the device type, BenkoPhone provides a consistent communication experience.

– Ease of Use: The app integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, enhancing productivity without the need for additional hardware.

Case Study: Enhancing Facilities Management with BenkoPhone


A mid-sized facilities management company in Sydney faced a unique challenge. Their building managers were responsible for managing multiple properties, requiring them to handle a high volume of calls, txt messages, and particularly, picture messages for various maintenance and tenant issues across buildings. The use of individual mobile phones was proving to be inefficient and costly.

Transition to BenkoPhone

Seeking a more streamlined and cost-effective solution, the company decided to transition to BenkoPhone. This move was aimed at leveraging the benefits of BYOD while maintaining corporate control over the numbers and ensuring a fully functional cloud PBX system.

Implementation and Results

The implementation process was smooth, with BenkoPhone’s user-friendly interface facilitating a quick adaptation by the building managers. Each manager was able to use their personal device to manage communications for multiple buildings. The key benefits included:

– Centralized Communication: Managers could now handle all their calls, txts, and especially picture messages through one platform.

– Enhanced Efficiency: The ability to quickly send and receive picture messages enabled faster resolution of maintenance issues, as visual information could be shared instantly.

– Cost Reduction: Eliminating the need for multiple mobile phones for each building led to significant cost savings and flexible call flows.

– Increased Flexibility: Managers enjoyed the flexibility of using their own devices without compromising on the functionality needed for their roles.

– Control and Security: The company retained full control over all business communication, ensuring security and compliance with their operational standards.


The transition to BenkoPhone revolutionized the company’s approach to communication within their facilities management operations. The building managers reported a noticeable improvement in handling maintenance issues and tenant communications, attributing it to the enhanced efficiency and ease of use provided by BenkoPhone. The company benefited from a significant reduction in costs and improved operational efficiency, making BenkoPhone a valuable asset in their daily operations.

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