Accessing SMS without access to your mobile is easy!

From real estate agencies to doctor surgeries to car dealerships to tradies and builders, SMS management and tracking has always been a nightmare. We all know the logistical horror of trying to manage the “business mobile” – a central mobile phone that someone in admin (often a receptionist) will use to take calls and send and receive texts. If the phone goes home with someone or is left in the office or lost or runs out of batteries or gets broken, the whole system is screwed. When it comes to effective management of SMS, it is clear that the physical phone is the bottleneck in the process. So how do we remove it?

There are ways to access SMS in your browser but it requires one person to have an account that everyone logs in to and the messages aren’t organised and no one knows who has responded to what. Total chaos that leads to lots of staff resources and customer contacts being flushed down the drain.

Some businesses opt to use WhatsApp but that requires training customers or staff to use the software and download the app, all unnecessary steps that sow the seeds of organisational disaster by adding yet another piece of software into the chain.

There is a better way. The solution is to remove the physical phone from the messaging process and give people in the organisation a way to collaboratively manage the SMS and calls from anywhere. This also means that customers can continue to use their phones to send and receive the messages, something that every phone user is able to do with ease.

BenkoPhone is a simple, centralised approach that is very inexpensive to use and finally gives your organisation the flexibility to manage SMS simply. Your staff will appreciate it, your customers will have a seamless experience and you will immediately see a rapid improvement in your messaging capabilities