While tablets offer an array of conveniences, making calls without a SIM card has traditionally been a jumble of compromises. Between various apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber, the options are many but also fragmented. Although these apps offer the basic functionality to make calls, they usually don’t provide a seamless, all-in-one communication solution.

VoIP and Softphone Apps: A Closer Look

VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, often used in conjunction with softphone apps, allows you to make calls using the internet rather than cellular networks. It’s a functional approach, but with limitations. These VoIP solutions generally use landline numbers, and even when you can use a mobile number, features like text and picture messaging are often not supported.

Enter BenkoPhone: A Comprehensive Solution

BenkoPhone aims to revolutionise this disjointed landscape. It uses VoIP technology and softphone applications to let you make calls, send text messages, and even send and receive picture messages. And you can do all this from a single number, using your tablet’s data network, without disclosing your personal number.

Team Collaboration Features

With BenkoPhone, all your communications are routed through its portal, making it easy to track calls and messages. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses where multiple team members need to collaborate and keep tabs on ongoing communications.

Addressing the Tablet Question

For those wondering specifically about Tablets, BenkoPhone works splendidly. Tablet are often a backup for when your primary phone is unavailable. When integrated into an organisation, the tablet becomes a powerful tool, particularly when used in conjunction with BenkoPhone.

Why Choose BenkoPhone?

The essence of effective communication isn’t just about making or receiving a call; it’s about the systematic management of these communications. BenkoPhone provides a structured way for your staff to coordinate and follow up on every call or message. It covers all bases—from voice calls to text and unique MMS support—making it a reliable and integrated communication solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Take the next step in redefining your communication. Try BenkoPhone for free today.