One of the questions we frequently hear at BenkoPhone pertains to how businesses can forward calls from one phone to another. Often, this is crucial for operations outside regular hours or when the person in charge of the ‘business mobile’ is unavailable. While straightforward solutions exist, they often come with limitations, particularly for businesses.

The Conundrum of Traditional Call Forwarding

Utilising your phone’s built-in settings for call forwarding is an obvious choice. However, this raises a series of issues. For example, how do you return a call without disclosing your personal number? Or how do you manage text message forwarding? The fact is, standard call forwarding methods aren’t geared towards complex business needs.

Call Forwarding Steps for iPhone

– Open Settings

– Tap “Phone”

– Tap “Call Forwarding”

– Activate call forwarding

– Enter the number to forward calls to

– Save your changes

Call Forwarding Steps for Android

– Go to Phone

– Access Settings (sometimes under ‘Call Settings’)

– Tap Call Forwarding

– Set the forwarding number

– Enable or confirm

A More Comprehensive Solution: BenkoPhone

BenkoPhone offers an all-encompassing solution to these challenges. It allows you to easily forward calls and text messages to any phone, ensuring you can return those calls and messages without disclosing your private number. All of this can be managed online, providing a streamlined workflow that involves your entire team.

Centralised Communication with BenkoPhone

With BenkoPhone, calls and messages can be managed and replied to online. This enables collaboration among multiple team members, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

No More ‘Business Mobile’ Headaches

Gone are the days when you had to juggle between multiple devices or manage a ‘business mobile’ that needed constant attention. BenkoPhone offers a comprehensive and straightforward way to handle all communications through a single interface.


Forwarding calls from one SIM to another doesn’t have to be a headache. With BenkoPhone, you can go beyond traditional methods to bring efficiency and efficacy to your business communications. Visit BenkoPhone to try it out for free and experience a transformative approach to business communication.