In today’s interconnected world, seamless communication is a linchpin for business success. If you’re in Australia and considering RingCentral for your telecommunication needs, it’s essential to take a deep dive into what it offers and, perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t.

The Gap in RingCentral’s Australian Services

RingCentral, a powerhouse in VoIP services, especially in the U.S. and Canada, offers a robust set of features for internal organisational communication. These include voice calls, video conferencing, and an internal instant messaging service. However, the platform falls short when it comes to sending SMS and MMS messages to mobile numbers in Australia. This limited scope in RingCentral’s services leaves Australian businesses without a fully integrated solution for their varied communication needs.

Why It’s a Big Deal

The inability to send SMS and MMS messages isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a significant limitation for companies that rely on versatile and comprehensive communication tools. For businesses that frequently interact with clients or even internally among team members, the lack of SMS and MMS functionality is a roadblock. Think of sectors like healthcare, where appointment reminders are critical, or retail businesses that send promotional offers via SMS. The limitations of RingCentral could potentially affect the efficiency and customer reach of these businesses.

BenkoPhone: The Full-Spectrum Solution

Here comes BenkoPhone to the rescue. Designed with flexibility in mind, BenkoPhone goes beyond just offering instant messaging services. You can send SMS and picture messages to any mobile number in Australia, offering a well-rounded approach to business communication. It’s essentially like having a second work phone, but in a much more convenient app-based format, neatly addressing the SMS and MMS limitations found in platforms like RingCentral.

BenkoPhone’s Unmatched Versatility

With BenkoPhone, you get to centralise all your communication needs into one integrated platform. You no longer have to juggle multiple apps or services to interact with different stakeholder groups. Whether it’s an internal team message, an appointment reminder for a client, or even a promotional message, BenkoPhone provides the necessary tools to do it all. This consolidation not only streamlines your operations but also significantly enhances your team’s productivity, offering an efficiency that’s hard to match.


When it comes to choosing a VoIP and messaging service, settling for a platform that doesn’t meet all your needs is a compromise you shouldn’t have to make. BenkoPhone provides an all-encompassing solution that addresses the shortcomings of RingCentral and similar platforms in the Australian market. With its comprehensive feature set and versatility, BenkoPhone stands as the go-to choice for businesses seeking a reliable communication partner. Try it out for free now!