The landscape of business communication is rapidly evolving, especially in markets like Australia. While 8×8 is a leading name in the VoIP and messaging space originating from the U.S., it has its own set of limitations for users down under. Here’s why those limitations matter and how BenkoPhone provides a comprehensive solution.

8×8’s Limitations for the Australian Market

8×8 offers an impressive suite of communication tools but falls noticeably short when it comes to sending SMS and MMS messages to mobile numbers in Australia. The app allows instant messaging between 8×8 users within an organisation but stops short of offering text and multimedia messaging to standard Australian mobile numbers.

Why is this a Problem for Businesses?

In an era where instant communication can make or break a deal, the absence of SMS and MMS features can be a significant bottleneck. Businesses looking to streamline all their communications into a single platform find 8×8’s limitations inconvenient and inefficient, leading to fragmented communication workflows and potential missed opportunities.

The Financial Implications

When your communication is not unified, it’s not just time that is wasted; it’s money as well. The additional overhead of managing multiple communication tools and methods can prove costly in the long run. These small inefficiencies can add up quickly over time, affecting your bottom line.

The BenkoPhone Advantage

BenkoPhone offers a more adaptable solution for businesses in Australia. Unlike 8×8, BenkoPhone’s platform is designed to provide not only instant messaging within your organization but also the capacity for SMS and MMS to any mobile number in the country. In essence, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs.

Flexibility with BenkoPhone

Think of BenkoPhone as your second work phone encapsulated in an app. The platform allows you to manage multiple channels of communication efficiently, whether you’re dealing with team members or external contacts. This centralised approach not only streamlines workflows but also provides a level of flexibility that is essential for modern business operations.

Convenience in Team Collaboration

One of the standout features of BenkoPhone is the ease with which teams can collaborate. All messages and calls can be managed and replied to online, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Such organised communication ensures better customer service and enhances team productivity.

Conclusion: Why Settle for Less?

8×8 may be a powerful tool, but its limitations in Australia should give businesses pause. Why settle for a fragmented communication setup when a comprehensive solution is available? BenkoPhone provides a unified communication platform that significantly improves upon the limitations of 8×8.

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