In the corporate world, especially within Australian businesses, the debate surrounding second work phones for staff is heating up. Some argue that supplying a second phone improves security and work-life balance. However, the downsides - cost, inconvenience, and management complexity - often outweigh the benefits. And with the rise of advanced virtual mobile number solutions like BenkoPhone, the argument for second work phones is losing steam.

The Traditional Argument for Second Work Phones

Proponents of supplying second work phones to staff argue that it helps maintain a clear boundary between personal and professional life. They point to potential security improvements, as company-issued phones can be configured with specific security protocols.

The Downsides of a Second Work Phone

Despite the seeming advantages, there are several issues that make a second work phone less appealing:


Businesses have to incur the capital expense of purchasing the devices and the operational expense of monthly plans and maintenance. These costs add up quickly, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


Employees find carrying two phones cumbersome. They have to remember to charge both, keep both updated, and handle two devices with potentially different operating systems or user experiences.

Management Complexity

Managing a fleet of company-issued mobiles requires dedicated IT staff and specialised software for mobile device management, adding another layer of complexity to operations.

Enter BenkoPhone: The Ideal Solution

Why juggle two phones when you can get all the features you need from one? BenkoPhone is the only virtual mobile number in Australia that supports voice calls, text messages, and MMS/picture messages. Here’s why it’s the perfect alternative to a second work phone:

All-in-One Communication

Whether you’re a tradie, property manager, or field sales representative, BenkoPhone ensures you’re connected via voice, text, and pictures. Unlike other virtual mobile numbers, BenkoPhone supports MMS - a critical feature for many businesses.


BenkoPhone seamlessly integrates with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, allowing staff to use their personal devices without compromising on features or security. Companies retain full control over call and message history, thanks to advanced hosted PBX features.


With BenkoPhone, you eliminate the need to purchase additional devices or pay for multiple phone plans. Its cost-effective pricing is particularly beneficial for SMBs looking to optimise operational costs.

Team Collaboration

A unique feature of BenkoPhone is its ability to be shared among team members. This is invaluable for roles like field technicians who require collaborative communication.

Conclusion: BenkoPhone Is the Future

Australian businesses need to adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. While second work phones were once considered a necessity, they are now more of a burden than a benefit. BenkoPhone offers a modern, flexible, and cost-effective solution for businesses, making it the smart choice for any Australian company looking to streamline communication and improve operational efficiency.

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